Learnaboutwebsites.com is the ultimate resource for (aspiring) website owners. Containing unbiased information on topics ranging from “drafting a project brief” to “launching a website”, and everything in between. Learnaboutwebsites.com helps its readers find the best possible solution for reaching their goal(s). Whether they’re planning to code a static website from scratch, use a website builder service, or outsource (a part of) their website project.

Why LearnAboutWebsites.com?

Learn About Websites was founded by me (Richard Koolman) on October 24th, 2020. After many failed attempts at starting an online business, I decided it was time to pivot. You see, once you’re bitten by the entrepreneurial bug there’s no turning back. I started out back in 2009 with an online course on how to use Microsoft Excel 2007.

Back then, online course platforms like Teachable or Thinktific didn’t exist. That’s why I outsourced my website project to a developer. This way I would be able to focus on the “important stuff”, like creating a logo, ordering stationery and business cards (pun intended). I had an “If I build it, they will come” mentality, so I think it’s safe to say I learned a few lessons the hard way.

Over the last decade, I’ve tried and failed many times. I’ve started ventures ranging from selling online courses to do-it-yourself diaper (or nappy) cake kits (yes, diaper cakes are a thing). During that time I’ve invested my time, energy, and hard-earned cash with nothing to show for it. But, this isn’t a sob story, I’m very grateful for the life I’m living.

Yes, I would have loved writing this while sipping a martini with my feet in the sand. Though the truth of the matter is, without these experiences, learnaboutwebsites.com wouldn’t have existed. I’ve sat at both sides of the table and in between when it comes to website projects. I’ve outsourced websites, created WordPress websites, and recently coded a website from scratch.

Do I know everything there is to know about websites? No, I’m not that cocky dude from 2009 anymore (trust me, I’ve got the gray hairs to prove it). Though my promise to you is that I’ll share the knowledge I’ve gained, including my uncensored opinion. Heck, I’ll even create some tools that will make your life a bit easier.


It’s my mission to become the go-to resource about websites on the planet. Whether you want to design, develop, or outsource the creation of your website, I’m here to help you on your journey. It’s my purpose to create quality content containing helpful and concise information on how to build, grow and maintain websites.


  • Quality – I’ve researched and tested everything myself before I hit publish
  • Helpful – You don’t need a Ph.D. in astrophysics to consume my content
  • Concise – Content with a lot of information explained as brief as possible
  • Unbiased – Honest reviews, and bribery attempts are made public and ridiculed
  • Transparency – My for-profit website discloses affiliate links and displays ads


After writing the first 10 articles for LearnAboutWebsites.com, progress stopped. The reason: life happened. To keep things short, I had a lot on my plate during the start of 2021. Even to the point of feeling burned out. Though I had no other choice than to push on. I was fortunate enough to be able to take a long break at the end of that year.

During this well-deserved break, I decided to learn how to code a website. I know this sounds crazy, but learning about this kind of stuff gives me joy. I’m the kind of guy who takes a business book to the swimming pool, while others are reading a novel. But, I digress. So at the end of 2021, I took a course on the basics of HTLM5 and CSS3. I even coded a small website from scratch using visual studio.

Then 2022 arrived and things finally started to happen, learnaboutwebsites.com started to gain some traction. Feeling rejuvenated, I’ve decided to continue “work” on this website. This about page is just the beginning because I’m also working on a cool tool. This tool will make it easier for my readers to find a suitable domain name. I was hoping to release the beta version of this tool, in April.

Though it’s August now and I haven’t been able to launch my tool. To make matters even worse, my website got struck by a Google Algorithm Update on the 26th of May. I lost snippets for blog posts that were responsible for the majority of my visitors. Don’t worry this is just a temporary snag, things like this can happen. This website is going to succeed, though it might take a bit longer.

In the short table below, you’ll find the progress my website has achieved so far. If you’re interested in how this story continues, make sure to bookmark my website and share it with your friends.

2022-07Average website visitors a day < 10
2022-06Google Algorithm Update < 500 Impressions
2022-05Average impressions a day > 1000
2022-04Average impressions a day > 500
2022-03Average website visitors a day > 20
2022-02Average impressions a day > 250
2022-01Average website visitors a day > 10
2021-11Growing to 100 impressions a day
2021-05First time more than 10 impressions a day
2020-12The first 10 articles published
2020-11Website up and running
2020-10Domain name registered

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